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Finding Your Light
Manchester, Maine

Uncover more of your unique self through the lens of astrology
Four in-person sessions with Open Sea Astrology
Hosted in Manchester, Maine
January thru April 2023

Sessions 2-4pm with optional extra time for questions to 4:30pm

Please arrive by 1:45pm to get settled as we will start promptly at 2pm.

January 15

What is astrology, a zodiacal chart, and how do I begin to breakdown all this information?

We’ll cover 12 signs, 12 houses, and 7 major planets (and 2 luminaries), and their rulers in this beginning session. It’s the ABCs of astrology and we’re going to have the foundations down so we can start speaking the language. You’re bound to learn something new here even if you already know the basics. Personal stories and experiences will give a different spin on how deep you can go with an understanding of the sky and your own chart’s makeup.

February 5*

Focusing on the moon and lunar cycles as a whole, this session will enter the next step of astrology fundamentals. Learn how to track the moon through the entire (moon)th. We will breakdown chart aspects and learn what transiting planets look, feel, and act like in connection to our charts. This is the class to go well beyond sun signs and solar returns and start to really make sense of our relationship to the sky.

*Full Moon in Leo fire ceremony 5-6 pm, included with full registration

Join us in this energizing and healing release of individual creativity, love, and heart-centered intentions to support moving forward as a collective community. Use this fire in the heart of winter to re-ignite your deeper work and keep your passion for life burning well into the end of the astrological year. 


March 12

Building off of our lunar (moon) session, next we’ll get into the details of eclipses and lunar nodes and why they are so significant in our charts, and for our whole collective. We’ll learn about nodal returns, and transits to the lunar nodes, and touch on the eclipses of 2023.


April 2

Our last session for this course will take us into the rest of 2023 and beyond. We’ll talk about forecasting and looking at upcoming trends and transits. Did you know the next four Mercury retrogrades are in Earth signs? What does that mean and what really is a retrograde? Putting together the mythical background of astrology with the facts of reality on Earth to paint a livable picture of moving forward. With every planet direct, a grand water trine, and an Earth moon trining the north node, you won’t want to miss this final class!

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