Using effective energy medicine techniques specific to animals, these sessions can help bring animals back in touch with their true selves, allowing harmony and balance to flow through their energy systems. These sessions combine energy medicine, intuitive council, animal communication, essential oils and tuning forks for healing on all levels – physical, mental, emotional, spiritual. The work is most helpful for behavior and remedial issues, injury, illness, end-of-life care and transitions, grief, loss, and trauma. Sessions often lead to a greater awareness of the animal’s needs and an enhanced bond with their human guardian.


If there is a health concern with an animal, it is required that they are seen by a licensed veterinarian prior to our session. Only a vet may diagnose an injury or illness or prescribe medications. Individual treatment sessions can be tailored and more specific when dealing with a specific diagnosis. It is helpful to have this information when planning treatment plans for the animals, often times there are specific energy medicine protocols that can be more effective when dealing with certain diagnoses.


Initial session w/new animal client - for animals new to Mountain Heart

$115, 1.5 - 2 hrs., includes follow-up energetic check in and call


May be waived for package purposes within same family. 

Follow-up sessions - $90, approx. 1 hour


Animal session package of 3 sessions - $265 ($295 value),
includes 1- initial session or 1- 30 min. consultation

May be used for multiple animals within one household. Must be used within 6 months.

                         package of 3 sessions - $90

Other rate options may be available. Please contact Kate for more solutions. 

Travel costs not included with package rates.