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Distance sessions, here’s the logistical pieces:
  • 15-30 min. phone intake within 1 week of initial appointment or at beginning of scheduled appt

    •   cover known history, current vet care and reccs/meds, questions, goals, intentions 

  • working session typically ~ 60 mins., though may run longer depending

  •  15-30 min. post-session call to discuss session and check on animal

    • if schedule does not allow for post-session call immediately following scheduled session, may be scheduled for sometime w/in 24 hrs. post-session or I may text or email with important information until we humans can connect again

  • 15-30 min follow-up call within 2-5 days post-session to check-in, and determine best plan for follow-up sessions


 Do I need to be present with my animal companion?

It can be important to witness your animal’s experience during their first session. If you have not previously experienced an energetic working session with your animal, or if there is an acute physical, mental, or emotional need, I typically ask you or another guardian to be present during the first session. After an initial session, it can still be lovely to watch their releases, shifts and changes during this work. You, their human, may also benefit while sitting in their energy field. Peaceful, relaxing, and gentle emotional shifts are common experiences with those who sit quietly present with their animal companions during a session.


….How… does this really work 

Physical laws tell us that energy is not bound by the constraints of time (a human made-up construct) nor space. There are studies to support these physical ‘laws’, and I’d be happy to discuss - science nerds, unite! I have worked on animals across the world with the same effects as an animal right under my physical hands.

I spend a great deal of time and energy preparing sacred space in my office prior to working with an animal or connecting with their human(s). My intention is always for the benefit of their highest and greatest good, and that they receive no more and no less than what is required at this moment in time. Energy follows intention. And, intention is everything. When sitting in a grounded and centered space, energy flows freely from a place deep within the heart. All this is required for the kind of deeper connection I bring into this work, for a true honoring of these animals on a soul level.

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