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Whether you’re a seasoned astrologer or just trying out the language, all are welcome and this event will be tailored to those present. We’ll talk all of July in the cosmos and down here on Earth. 


Limited seats, RSVP and ticket required. Please arrive 10 min. ahead for coffee/tea/food ordering. 


Purchase tickets online here, or VenMo @mountainheartanimal,

or please email for cash pay at event.


Questions: or dm @openseaastrology

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Harnessing the power of the illumination in transformative fire for all that we've witnessed since the last lunar cycle. Time to shed and shake (or burn) off all that's come into our awarenesses to wake up and breakthrough! 

Limited seats, RSVP requested. Please arrive 10 min. ahead for coffee/tea/food ordering, and book shopping! 

Questions: or dm @openseaastrology

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