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Join us for a fun and casual class to explore a deeper look at essential oils for our animal companions!

Kate is a Certified energy medicine practitioner for animals and works to rehabilitate animals that have experienced abuse, trauma, grief, injury and illness. She is a life-long student of the energy of animals and advocates for those that seem disconnected from their true selves. She studied aromatherapy with ISHA (Institute of Spiritual Healing & Aromatherapy) and has been using high-quality essential oils for almost a decade in her own animals as well as clients.

Included in this class:

🌿 101 overview... the science and the energy of
how they can bring balance to our bodies and emotions

🌿 Explore useful oils for everyday purposes and maintaining health for you and your animals

🌿 Where to begin - methods of using oils, safety! 🌱

🌿 Energy of animals and how essential oils interact

🌿 Safe uses of oils for animals

🌿 Practical remedies for keeping our animals healthy and happy

Free class! Space limited, please RSVP for location and more details! ☀️

Past Events

April 13

Hutchinson Center, Belfast ME


Room 127


The Energy of Animals


What is the energy of your animals telling you? What is energy and how do we become aware of our animal family on a deeper level? Learn about the differences in human versus animal energy, and domestic versus wild animals. We’ll answer why we feel better when we’re around our animals, how they help us energetically, and how we can help them! You’ll leave with an understanding of the language of energy we knowingly and unknowingly use with our 4-legged friends, and basic tools to help put our animals at ease.

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