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I see astrology as another means of connection - to own our selves and to one another. I see it as guidance in a time when so much feels upside-down, backwards, and seemingly nonsense. And I see it like a nautical chart that when used appropriately, can really help you to navigate life's waters - avoiding the ledges and finding the flow. 


If you're new to this journey of all things astrological, or it's been a long time since re-visiting this information,

I suggest beginning with a natal chart (birth chart) consult to better understand the basic set-up of your unique and individual astrology chart, and the gifts it can hold.


If you have already had a natal chart reading, or if you have specific and timely questions about current or upcoming transits, we could schedule a transit or questions consultation. Rates are also listed below.


For a consult and reading, I ask for the following information please:



Birth Date including year:

Birth Time (exact AM/PM):

Place of Birth (city and state, country):


What you would like out of your reading? 

(How important are the details to you, and do you like knowing 'all the ins and outs', or do you prefer more broad strokes and bigger picture guidance.)


Any focus you like the reading to take in an area of your life, specific questions are great as well. The more specific, the better. There is so much to share with the information in a chart, it can be very beneficial to have the consult guided toward certain inquiries you may have, so we may make the best of our session time. 


Astrology consultation rates
30-minute consultation - $65
         *require previous natal chart reading (with any astrologer)
  or deeper understanding of a chart
60-minute consultation - $99
90-minute consultation or natal chart reading - $125

VenMo or **PayPal  @mountainheartanimal
or please make checks out to: Kate Fraser


**Please add 3% fee for PayPal, or use family and friends option


Payment required at least 48 hrs. before scheduled appointment and to save an appointment space. In the event that I am unable to keep your scheduled appointment, I will rebook our time as soon as possible, or if you prefer, provide a full refund.  


Brief notes from session are available upon request (prior to session) for $20 and will be emailed/image texted within 48 hrs. from appointment.


Please reach out if other payment options are needed, I will do my best to work with you!


All information and insight is provided as a guide only, and should not replace advice from trained medical, financial or other industry experts.