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Frequently Asked Questions

Will this work for my animals?

While we make no promises in specifics, all work takes place within a grounded and safe energetic space and is aligned with highest good intention for the animal. In energy work there is a common saying that intention is everything. When highest good intention is held during a session, that animal will receive only the amount of energy shift needed for that moment in their own healing, no more and no less. Common results from a session are increased relaxation, positive personality shifts, and a more cohesive or bonded feeling within the family or living situation.


How does energy medicine work?

Energy medicine works on all levels through intention. The energy system is a measurable bio-field that surrounds the physical form, any ailment or dis-ease the physical body faces, must occur in the bio-field (also known as energy field or aura) first. When congestion is cleared and imbalances are reconciled within the energy system, the body is posed to self-heal. Energy medicine causes positive physiological responses within the body - from bringing in oxygen and increased blood flow, to regulating the immune system. Other modalities like chiropractic adjustments or massage therapy also create these changes, though energy medicine involves hands lightly on or even off the physical body. This allows for a gentle non-invasive healing technique that works on all levels of healing - physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.

What will my first session be like?

Initial sessions are about 90 minutes and involve a thorough intake and energetic assessment. Typically animals will relax and many even fall asleep during a treatment. Some animals can become more restless, as with any changes, there is sometimes an uncomfortable element to change and trusting that a more balanced body will create more health, ease, and enjoyment. Often results of a session will carry through 2-3 days while the body is integrating the changes made. During this time you may see the animal relax and rest more than normal, or the contrary - have more energy than usual (typically seen like a rejuvenating effect in older animals). A follow-up assessment takes place immediately after the treatment, and a follow-up is planned often several days post-treatment to track how the animal is doing. With injury, acute illness, and behavior modification, this is especially important to track the effectiveness of the session(s).

How does a distance session work?

The laws of physics explain that energy, which any and all matter is comprised of, is not bound by time or space. Have you ever prayed in a group for a person who is sick in a hospital bed across the country? How about sending good ‘vibes’ or thoughts to a loved one going through a difficult time? If you’ve been on the other end of these difficult situations, you know even though it may be challenging to accurately describe, you have likely ‘felt’ that support, feeling better or at least comforted by others’ well-wishes.

These ‘vibes’ or for us pre-1990 folk, vibrations… are a resonance. And as we’ve discussed, there is a measurable and physiological effect occurring from these healthy and balanced vibrations our bodies experience. Because of the physical laws that this energy is not bound by time or space, healing can occur across town, state lines, countries, even globally when a practitioner is grounded and centered enough.

The practical piece to this question is that adequate intake and assessment is well-documented, and phone consult and support is provided before and after the session. A phone or email exchange is used to book appointment and schedule an exact time for a session, and also for brief intake or inquiry. While there is great intuition and animal communication used within a session, I am not here to provide psychic services for you or your animal. Clear communication is important to get an effective read on the animal’s current situation and to allow the most effective healing to take place.

Can I schedule an emergency session?

Yes. Depending on availability, emergency sessions take place the same-day and are urgent in nature - an acute injury or illness or trauma. Please note that a licensed veterinarian is still required to assess the animal and ensure proper care of any emergency.

Often emergency sessions are scheduled when an animal is en route to a clinic or waiting for arrival of a mobile vet (ie: colic, torsion, emergency surgery post-accident, etc). Gentle energy work can be provided in these situations to ease stress on the animal and provide a balanced energy system so the body may more easily recover after receiving veterinary care.

Due to the nature of emergencies, sessions are provided from a distance (remotely). Adequate intake and assessment is well-documented, and phone consult and support is provided before and after the session.

Emergency sessions are $225 per session and include support beyond that of a regularly scheduled session, both in phone communication and energetic support.

Why so many services?

If the rest of the FAQ information did not give enough clues, I am a true hound for knowledge and learning. Perhaps it’s aspects in my natal chart, or just an overly active and curious mind that needs constant information about the external world. I appreciate the way knowledge empowers our human species, and I pride myself on continually seeking more. Through this quest of knowledge, I have sought out full programs and studies in anything I’ve chosen to bring into this practice.

The second part to this answer is each individual is so different from one to the next. What works for one dog, may not work for another of the same specs, let alone for a horse living in a different part of the country. I have found wonderful energy medicine techniques that work well in most situations for many different animals. Ultimately, it is one piece of the puzzle -- sometimes it takes several modalities or methods of care to find the whole picture of the healing needed. My goal is to allow as big of a puzzle piece to total healing as possible for me to provide with my services. While I cannot pick up a scalpel or prescribe medications, I can provide that animal with the best energetic balance to allow deeper healing on many levels.

How do I pay for an appointment?

Cash, check or Venmo are currently accepted as payment. Other ways to pay online coming 2/18/2022!! 

Do you have a cancellation policy?

Mountain Heart Animal Healing & Wellness has a 24-hour notice policy for appointments that must be cancelled or rescheduled. If an appointment is cancelled or rescheduled within 24-hours before an appointment, a charge of $25.00 will be applied. Discretion by the practitioner will be used.

Can you tell me what oils will work for me?

While I cannot diagnose any issues, or prescribe any oils for an issue, I can provide resources for education about body systems, chemistry of essential oils, and how the two create beneficial relationships! I can speak to the health of the body and what has been found to be most supportive to specific body systems. I can also explain more in-depth how the energy of essential oils makes a difference when choosing an oil, and how they interact with our energy system, providing grounding or balance when we need it most.


Please schedule a consult or attend a workshop to learn more!

Classes on essential oils are routinely offered in various areas in New England. Please contact Kate for more information or to host!

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