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Intuitive and insightful consults to support your journey



Natal Chart Interpretation

Your natal chart or birth chart is a map of the astrology at the exact moment of your birth. It is unique to you, and only you. We'll discuss the basic set-up of your individual astrology chart, the gifts it can hold, and the insights into your own unique path in this life. This consult lasts about 90 minutes and may include oracle cards and other tools to support the session. 
30- and 60-minute consultations

30 and 60 minute consultations serve as astrological 'check-ins' and opportunities for any questions. Because of our limited time, a previous natal chart reading (with any astrologer)
or deeper understanding of a chart is required. 
Year-ahead Interpretations


Combining your individual natal chart, solar return, progressions and multiple timing techniques – and spanning 12-months time from your consult. Get a generous overview of astrological flow and when the planetary energies say go! Or woah.
We will review natal aspects and strengths, though this consult will focus primarily on the transits spanning the year ahead and how they create potentiality for your natal chart promises.
This 2-hour consult offers intuitive and astrological insight, and may include oracle card readings and other modalities to encourage an empowering session to carry forward with you.
Previous initial natal chart reading requested (with any astrologer). Basic understanding of your individual chart allows for a much deeper dive into what lies ahead within the movements of the skies!


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